Autumn hunger

Some days I’m so hungry I eat every thought

And feeling and noise and smell

Like the comforting purr of the cat

Its fluffy belly and your scent after you

Left the house.

Waves of it converge inside me

The light, the faint impression you’ll text me

Just as I look at the screen,

The back to school days déjà vu

And the feeling I get when I dream

I’ve been where I’ve never been.

Some days I’m full but I don’t stop,

Taking in the dusty book cover and the

Smell of fabric softener, reminding me of home,

Your dimple and my happy days

All converging into one.

I’m full, I’m bursting, knees to chest

To keep inside the whole,

Dwarfing my height, cradled in yellow,

I paint my smiley face, memories sizzling

Underneath the skin,

When in those hungry days of autumn

I am the Sun.


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